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Architectonical Design works

Every building begins with a project that reflects the ideal house, as the Customer sees it. To make all Client’s wishes come true and create a sustainable and ergonomic object, a well-coordinated work of qualified architects and engineers is required.

Taking into account all the norms and requirements possible, we prepare a complete documentation kit, which is needed to continue works.

Find out more about the architectonical design works here.

Engineering and Interior Design

What is the ideal interior? Everyone has their unique answer to this question, because one’s inner world is depicted in the way this person organizes the space around them.

We help our clients to create their «personal» interior, in which they are sure to feel most comfortable and cozy.

Building and installation works

At the stage of building and installation works a wide variety of specialists is involved: from water supply, drainage and sewage engineers to wrought — iron craftsmen. These are the people who make Client’s dream come true.

We perform our works in a unique way so that the eventual result matches with almost 100% agreement with the 3D-model.

Find out more about building and installation works here.

3D-design and Visualization

None of modern projects is done without computer technologies. To show what the project will look like, we create a volumetric 3D-model.

This model is followed by the visualization stage, when the image becomes photorealistic, so that it becomes quite difficult to distinguish it from photographs of existing objects.

Find out more about 3D-design and Visualization here.

Landscape Design

Creating a eurhythmic landscape is as important as organizing the house’s interior space. Some prefer to stroll about the garden, full of ancient Greece — styled statues, some are satisfied with a well-trimmed lawn. Everyone has their own idyllic perception of things, and our specialists are willing to help creating it.

Find out how we work on Landscape Design here.

During the existence of the studio we have completed many projects with different levels of difficulty, and we are proud of our work!


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